Mitsubishi EA8 CNC Sinker EDM

Mitsubishi EA8 CNC Sinker EDM

Mitsubishi EA8

Age: 2005

Stock Number: 11143

> Compact Highly-Rigid Machine Design > Fixed Table Traveling Column Construction > Fuzzy Pro 3 Emulates an Experienced Operator Optimizing The Burn Process From Rough To Finish Orbit. > High-Speed Jump Creates The Ability To Do Most Burns With NO-FLUSH > Saddle-less Column Movement System Uses A Special Combined Linear Motion Way System > New Digital AC Smart Servo System Improves Resolution To 0.05┬Ám (2 millionths inch) Speeding Response Time > EA SERIES features the Fine Pulse 2 (FP2) function which operates in a pumping action to keep the gap clean. > Fuzzy Pro 2 function ensures peak performance on complex shapes. > SC circuit reduces electrode wear by enacting pulse discharge during high-precision machining. > FP 2 improves finish and reduces the power consumed when power is not directed at the workpiece. > PS circuit provides accurate finish by controlling surface pulse discharge.

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Work Tank:30.3" x 19.6" x 9.8"
Work Table:19.6" x 13.7"
Max Table Load Capacity:1200 lbs
Travels (X x Y x Z):11.8" x 9.8" x 9.8"
Table to Platen:7.8" - 17.7"
Rapid Traverse:78.7 ipm
Power Supply:60 amps - 80 Peak Amps
Max Electrode Weight:55 lbs
Dielectric Fluid Capacity:51 gal
Machine Weight:4,400 lbs
Machine Size:64" x 68" x 79" tall
Power Requirement:200/220 VAC ▒5% [6.8]

Equipped With:
* 64-Bit PC Based CNC Control With A 10.4 inch TFT LCD Screen equipped wi/ 100MB User Program Storage On Hard Drive, > FP60 Power Supply - 80 Peak Amps * C-Axis * 7 Position ATC * Auto Lubrication System * Fuzzy Pro Plus Hands Off Operation * Built-in Dielectric Tank & Filter * Chiller * Fire Extinguisher


Mitsubishi EA8 CNC Sinker EDM
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